Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mitt and Mick...

I really hope that Mitt Romney takes New Hampshire.

Now after seeing the New Hampshire debates last night, you might consider me a strange person to like Romney as a candidate. We all know that Romney is prone to putting out negative ads, usually against different policies but in some cases against people personally. Let's also not forget the fact that Romney has changed some of his views on the issues.

But let me make one thing clear. Every candidate has put out the same negative garbage that Mitt has put out; Mitt has just gotten more credit for it because he has the most money to play with. However, if McCain had the same amount of money Romney has, he would probably produce as many ads as Mitt has. Now, I don't think that Romney's negative ads make him a better person; I am a member of the LDS church like Romney and I don't think he should be running negative ads because it isn't Christian. He should be above those things. Since everybody else is doing it, however, I've got to choose a candidate based on his ideas and not on their personal attacking method.

Of course, what I will not stand for is attacking someone at a live debate. That is a different story. To spend time attacking someone's character when someone has asked you about your personal views and policies is rude to the asker. Romney did a little of that, but Huckabee and McCain spent most of their time doing it on Saturday. They played victims of Romney and they didn't spend nearly enough time on the issues.

It is for this reason that I'd like to step aside from the Romney negative side and show what I like about him. I like that Romney has a plan -- an actual plan -- about how to solve the healthcare crisis. He's even tested that plan in his state and it has been very successful. He is the only republican with real marketing/business experience. In a nation with underfunding for education, inflation and a reeling economy in general, we need a guy who can understand what's going on and fix it. I like Romney's immigration policy. It's hard-line, I know, but it's the fairest idea out there. Let the legal immigrants who have been waiting around go first and have the illegal people go back to their countries and wait in line. Fred Thompson (who performed well last night) put it best with his ideas of immigration reform 'by attrition.' We take out these guys over time, enforcing our laws, not giving them the 'slap on the wrist' that a fine is.

Well, I doubt that Romney will win, but it's unfortunate that he's losing because we could use a guy like him in the USA. In any case, Romney would make an amazing VP, so I suggest that any candidates reading my blog take him into consideration. With Romney, he'd have my vote.

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