Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Will Never Think of Ladybugs the Same Way Again

This year I'm taking AP Biology with the legendary Mrs. Dee. When I entered this class I expected to have an amazing experience. I didn't realize just HOW amazing that experience would turn out to be...or how strange.

The Top 10 Things I Learned in My First 2 months of AP Bio:
10) Babysitting a ladybug is impossible. If you must contain a ladybug in a petri dish, make sure to use lots of tape to seal the edges of the screening. Ladybugs are fierce escapees and will do anything to find freedom. Including attacking your hand.
9) Squirrels are the only animals worth running over.
8) Prokaryotes will kill us all.
7) Birds steal, commit adultery and reject their fellow man. And they make no excuses.
6) Just because you can get an A on a test doesn't mean that you can count to 15. Or 9 for that matter.
5) Microscopes are the enemy.
4) Antibacterial soap is the...other...enemy.
3) Learning about the Hardy Weinberg theorem has potent soporific effects.
2) Bees and hornets are gang members. Dat b whack yo.
1) Darwin was bald, wimpy and weird. His awesome mind was his primary redeeming quality.

Honorable mention: The Darwin Awards is perhaps one of the greatest books ever written.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Motherland Efforts to Conform to Colonial Fads

In light of a new blogging trend initiated by Sloan siblings in Virginia and New Hampshire, I (Arielle) am pleased to announce the opening of my own official blog! I have done this to 1) keep up with the times and 2) because I obviously needed yet another way to addict myself to the internet. I will begin my blogging career with a sappy yet profound reflection on the life of a younger sibling.

It's wonderful to be the youngest one in the family, I must say. My older siblings have volunteered to bravely pave the trail of success with the handcarts of experimentation; I, on the other hand, drive the course afterward in a little red Honda. I have been guided to academic success, happiness in friendships and family life, and greater spirituality by following the good examples set before me. Truly, in a world where leadership is so admirable, I have found that the secret to a happy life is in being a follower :).

Of course, following the right people and knowing when to pave your own way is often important in family relationships, too. Fortunately, however, I don't need to worry about that because I am a Sloan. At least one out of my 4 siblings is bound to do the right thing when the others screw up. In a given situation, I can look at four choices in front of me and determine which is best. It's sort of like a multiple choice test whose answer is typically "all of the above." True, sometimes when you need something right you have to do it yourself. But honestly, I have to say that I have hardly ever experienced that.

I have the best family in the world. Not only do they do the right things, but they make the most of every situation and life in general. So from yours truly to those on the outskirts...thanks! I 'preciate y'all.